Formula for Health – Dr. MaryAnn’s Health Hacks

Where does health come from? I can tell you right away it does NOT come from your doctor, medication or your insurance company. Being healthy does not require more lab tests, diagnostic tests or more supplements. I spend lots of time in my practice educating my patients (doctor means “teacher”). Here is my message to you: Your HEALTH is YOUR responsibility. Many Americans are conditioned to taking a pill to remedy a symptom, an illness, a disease or condition. If you are already in poor health or require emergency care, it certainly IS a good thing to have an option and solutions at hand. A drug or surgery can certainly help save your life. But keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies and the diet and food industries are not in the market to equip you to be healthy….they are in the market to make a profit. The health care industry is not based on health at all: it is based on SICK CARE.

To be healthy, you must take control of your own health. It begins with understanding that your body was designed to heal, given the right conditions. Then you must create new habits, stay focused and be consistent. What are the basics to human health?

  1. Pure Water : Filter municipal water sources for fluoride, chlorine , pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals. Well water should be assessed for pathogens and agricultural waste.
  2. Pure Air: Check your air filters and have your ducts cleaned. Avoid second hand smoke, car exhaust, mold exposure, air fresheners, aerosols of any kind. Be outdoors to breathe in fresh air for more than half hour a day.
  3. Pure Food: Are you consuming REAL food? Avoid overly- processed foods with low nutritional value. Choose FRESH, LOCAL, and SEASONAL produce. Not all produce has to be organic. (Look up Environmental Working Group’s website for the dirty dozen and clean fifteen). Purchase non-GMO foods when possible. Eat meats from sources you trust without added hormones and antibiotics.
  4. Make your own cleaning products- you can find formulas online.
  5. Avoid cooking with Teflon-coated pans. I recommend ceramic, stainless steel or cast iron.
  6. Avoid plastic containers for storing or heating foods, drinking beverages.
  7. Avoid underwire bras.
  8. Avoid over- the- counter medications, or prolonged medication use for pain conditions, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders. Medications treat symptoms and do not cure you.
  9. Avoid commercial oils such as vegetable oils which are presumed to be “healthy”. Use these healthy oils and fats instead: avocado, coconut, lard (yes), butter, ghee, olive oils. Some nut oils are OK but they should be refrigerated because they easily become rancid.
  10. Do not eat on the run or in a hurry- You will overeat and take in more air with each bite which can lead to indigestion.
  11. Find a way to de-stress and make it a habit to avoid people and circumstances which drain your energy.
  12. Focus on getting good quality sleep: (20 % delta waves). I like the OURA ring to monitor sleep.
  13. Avoid excessive Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation exposure such as cell phone use (put on airplane mode when sleeping or not using), computers, wi-fi, etc.

For more information or to determine the ROOT CAUSE of your illness, consider an evaluation using Nutrition Response Testing.

May you be well,

Dr. MaryAnn

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