Supporting your Immune System – THIS is how you prevent CORONAVIRUS and ANY other Disease

“All Disease Begins in the GUT” – Hippocrates, father or modern Medicine

Social Distancing, Stay Home, Wash Hands, Be Safe, Wear Masks, Wear Gloves, 6 Feet, Lockdown,  is what we’ve been inundated with from the News Media over the past 30 days. Leading to Hysteria and FEAR! 

I am frustrated by what I am NOT hearing from the mainstream media – That your susceptibility to getting this CoViD-19 is all about your IMMUNE HEALTH, or lack thereof. The virus is a strange one, yes, and regardless of where it came from, your defense is your immune system. Listen- viruses, yeasts, parasites, bacteria all live among us. Viruses don’t attack us and kill us – your OVERACTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM does. Your body is constantly trying to be in HOMEOSTASIS, or balance. Our immune system is a complex system which includes natural immunity, adaptive immunity, virome, lung and gut microbiome, and some genetics. You are exposed to microbes ALL the time. So what actually happens when you get sick with Coronavirus, or any other disease? Your compromised system goes into overdrive and signals for help from natural defense mechanisms like T helper cells and macrophages and starts a cytokine storm which then renders you compromised. This is a severe inflammatory response.

If you have arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Lupus, etc, you already have a breakdown  of your immune system because it is overloaded. It can’t do it’s job. It is a lifestyle-driven problem. Sure, I believe many folks do the right thing, and still have problems. But this doesn’t happen overnight. The Standard American diet contributes, of course, but so do some other mechanisms we must FIGHT to eliminate from our environment such as dioxins, GMO-foods, Aluminum and Mercury (two of the most toxic elements in nature), excessive Radiofrequencies….

What contributes to a compromised immune system ? Remember – ALL DISEASE STARTS IN THE GUT – according to Alessio Fassano, MD, it’s the “LEAKY” GUT. This is gut permeability or dysbiosis, and involves the gut- brain barrier, lung tissue, oral mucosa, lymphoid tissue in the lining of your gut which is where up to 80% of your IMMUNE SYSTEM lies. Does it make sense to to try to maintain a healthy gut? Absolutely! It’s a bit late if you already have the virus – by the way, 90% of us are healthy enough to fight this off.

What makes you unhealthy and compromises your gut?

Antibiotic use, processed food, medications including antacids, polyunsaturated genetically modified commercial vegetable oils, smoking, artificial sweeteners, SUGARS (including simple carbohydrates), low-fat commercially- processed dairy, environmental toxins, heavy metals from vaccines, pesticide use, GLYPHOSATE on our crops, which destroys our gut microbiome, fluoridation in water, Electromagnetic/Radio frequencies, stress, and more.

Being healthy so your body works for you is about PREVENTION! How do you get health and stay healthy?

Sleep well, reduce STRESS, drink pure water (no, bottled water isn’t better), breathe clean air, eat REAL FOOD, including full fat clean dairy, meat from grass-fed animals, organic produce. Supplement with:

  1. Vitamin D3 with K2 healthy fat. (most people in Northern Hemisphere are deficient). According to Dr Shiva Ayudarai , take 10,000 iu for a few days or weeks and then cut back to 5,000iu/day. Vitamin D is a powerful immune modulator and very protective . It’s a pre-hormone activated by exposure to sun. SO get some SUN – 20 minutes every day, most of your body, without sunscreen. Avoid burning.  Get your levels checked with a simple blood test. I can tell you more- ask your doctor, nutritionist or order online. It works synergistically with Vitamin A.

2. Vitamin A- it is cell-protective and forms a barrier against viruses, especially in lung tissue.  It has a broad range of biological effects by affecting gene expression.  Deficiency leads to insulin resistance, reduced energy production,  faulty lipid metabolism and is considered one of the most common nutritional disorder IN THE WORLD (World Health Organization) . Take 10,000 iu’s a day of palmitate. (Dr, Shiva Ayyadurai). Consume lots of colorful vegetable and fruits (but these are not the best source of vitamin A as your body must convert the carotenes to a bioavailable form) , egg yolks, butter, cream, fish liver oils, liver (once a week will provide the adequate dose).

3.  Zinc -about 40-50 mg/day  helps protect against respiratory tract infections and studies show 30% of adults are deficient in this mineral, leading to increased risk of infections, including pneumonia.

4. Vitamin C- 500-2000 mg/day has shown to be protective against colds and other infections, especially viral infections, acute respiratory infections (SARS), protective against free radical oxidative damage.

5. Medicinal Mushrooms – Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Turkey tail, Maitaki – all enhance immune system, and reduce symptoms associated with asthma and lung infections.

6. Bone Broth – immune booster and detoxifier. Make from grass-fed meat bones.

7. Coconut Oil- Cold pressed and organic is antimocrobial – take 1 Tbs/day

8. Good quality saturated FATS!

9. CBD oil (I use Max and Steven’s)

Please don’t buy into the hype- and avoid FEAR. Have FAITH- in your self, your innate ability to heal, your fellow humans and your GOD!














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