How to have a “NICE DAY”

I believe there are some real specific things your can do to have a productive, healthy day that contributes to overall health.

  1. Hydrate as soon as you wake up as you lose about a liter of water through breathing during during the night
  2.  Get outdoors (sunlight is the best medicine)
  3. Move – walk the family day, do Tai Chi, exercise
  4. Nourish your body – good quality protein, not carbs in the morning is best as carbs make you tired
  5. Give someone a compliment
  6. Be grateful (keep a gratitude journal)
  7. Smile (you can make someone’s day)
  8. Breathe Deeply often (in for count of 4, hold, out for count of 6), especially before meals
  9. Make your bed (it feels good to come home to a made bed)
  10. Give and receive HUGS
  11. Look Up ( literally look at the sky)
  12. Create something (your creativity goes up later in the afternoon)
  13. Accomplish a task (do whatever takes 3-5 minutes)
  14. Let it go : Are you a worrier, complainer, pessimist? You can change yourself :  pray, meditate, guided imagery, think positive – what’s the worse than can happen?
  15. Get quality over quantity SLEEP (Sleep Tips coming up next)

Hope this helps to have a better day !

Dr MaryAnn

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